Kenyon Martin Says Knicks Should Fire 'Old, Asleep' Phil Jackson

Kenyon Martin Phil Jackson’s Old Ass Gotta Go … He’s Killing The Knicks


Phil Jackson‘s too damn old to lead an NBA franchise and it’s high time the Knicks kicked his geriatric ass to the curb … so says ex-NBA baller Kenyon Martin, who just LIT UP the Zen master.

We caught up with K-Mart hangin’ with BIG3 teammate Al Harrington in NYC … and when we asked the former Knick what he thought about the state of the current team … he went nuclear.

The takeaway?

Phil needs have his 70-something-year-old-ass reading AARP and fly fishing rather than running an NBA team.

Hey, KM’s not the only famous guy blaming Phil. Right, Fat Joe?

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